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June 2, 2020

High Expectation

The man passed by a shop selling jigsaw puzzles and bought one for his 5 year old son. He can't wait to give it to his son Jordan. Jordan had never played with one before. 

Upon reaching home, he went straight to Jordan's room to show him his favourite cartoon character printed on the box. Jordon's eyes brightened up. The man quickly unwrapped the box and poured the 500 pieces of jigsaw puzzle on the floor and left him to complete it. 

I bet you don’t give your son a 500 pieces puzzle to start with. You would probably give him 10 piece puzzle and show him how to put 2 pieces together. And then you would teach him how the pieces are supposed to fit together to make up the cartoon character.

And when he had completed the puzzle for the very first time with you, you would probably want him to do it again to make sure he knew how to do it all by himself.


When it comes to budgeting, most of you expect your staff to perform like an expert after they were sent for a basic Excel course.

You see, Budgeting in Excel is very similar to a jigsaw puzzle. Knowing the basic Excel skills is not enough. 

Your staffs need to know the functions/formulas before they can use these functions/formulas for budgeting. This is not an easy task and it takes weeks if not months to figure out the process and put into practice. 

But Jason, we don’t have time to do that. The budgeting season is starting soon. 

Well if this is the case, then I am able to help. You see, I understand the problem they are facing and I know which function/formulas are needed for budgeting. And I have created a proprietary process which will be able to shorten the time taken for budgeting from a few months to just days.

This means that they don't have to figure that out any more and they can simply learn what is necessary to get the job done.  And the process they learned can be applied to other areas of their job as well once they see how it works.  I won’t waste their time and yours by subjecting them to the all functions and formulas type of training which they may not use for the next 20 years.

And with a few practice which will just take only hours, they will be able to do this all on their own. How about that?

Complete the form below for a non-obligation chat with me if you value your staff time and want to have a stress free budget.  

June 1, 2020

Is it worth it?

My bluetooth ear piece cannot connect to my laptop. I tried to turn on and off, reboot the computer, delete and set up the device again. All didn't help.

I googled for the driver and click on the support link. It went to a 404 page, meaning that the page cannot be found. I called Plantronics and after a long long wait, I got to someone. It was the wrong line. I was re-directed to another line and the wait started all over again.

When I finally got to talk to the right person and explained to him what happened, the line was cut off before the customer service guy could respond to me. The guy got my number but he didn't call me back. I give up.

I have wasted the entire morning with this and yet it cannot be resolved. 

Do you have the same experience like me when it comes to corporate budgeting?

When we do corporate budgeting, one of the many fears we had was broken links. When it happened, it sent a shiver down our spine. And we started to question ourselves - 

  • Was this the only broken link?
  • What if there were others and we were not aware of?
  • Did we incorporate the numbers from all the departments in the budget?

We do not know what had caused the broken link especially when we have checked and ensured that all the links were valid. We couldn't develop a plan to prevent it. And history always repeated itself.

Somebody recommended to me budgeting software. I tried a number of them. They were not as good as Excel because they took away the flexibility Excel offered, such as

  1. copying the formula across the columns with one click,
  2. scroll left and right and up and down easily. ​
  3. printing the budget within one page for viewing and checking.

Excel still reigns.

Not wanting to be overcome by this fear of corporate budgeting, I started to study the functions in Excel and tried to see how I can jump out of this budgeting nightmare. 

After many trials over the years, I finally managed to find the right model to corporate budgeting with the following advantages.

  • No more linking to other worksheets with formulas
  • No more multiple files to consolidate the results.
  • No more multiple files to break down the company expenses by department.
  • And it takes less than one hour to setup. It is that fast. 

If you are struggling with corporate budgeting and would like to know how my solution can help you, drop me a text to find out. No worries, there is no obligation for asking. 

May 28, 2020

How to create a professional employee evaluation report without repetitive copy and paste

It is time for employee evaluation. Armed with the employee data worksheet,

the skills evaluation worksheet

the mean score worksheet,

you start to present your case and flipping from one worksheet to another. Not only it appears uncool, it can perceived that you are not well prepared for the meeting. Why not put them together and give a one screen summary like the one below and have a fruitful discussion?

If you wish to find out more, watch the video below.

May 14, 2020

How to create a re-certification report

re-certification report

Create a re-certification report using Pivot Table is easy. Watch the video below to find out. If you like what you see, help me like the post and share it with your L&D friends.

Reports are easy to create, if and only if you have the correct set of data to work on. In our courses, we use the iiMAP framework to create any report that is easy to maintain. It is not complicated but requires you to possess a certain level of skills in 3 areas, Excel, Database knowledge and your domain knowledge (in this case L&D). We have 

  • public runs (Fixed outline)
  • customized courses (learn what you need to know)
  • coaching program (hand hold you as you create that report)
  • and consultancy (building the reports for you).

Contact me if you want to have a quick turnaround time for your reports.

April 29, 2020

You can never create a successful data Visualization with this data

Pivot Table Friendly data

Source: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-cases (The Humanitarian Data Exchange)

This looks like a great set of data at one glance. Every detail seems to be there. But if you wish to create a data visualization project with the data, you will surely fail. 

This is because the data is not in Pivot Table friendly layout. 

What Pivot Table friendly layout has got to do with Data Visualization?

You see, Pivot Table was designed for basic data visualization. Those who were successful in creating a Pivot Table did in in less than 3 minutes. Most of them did not know that they were using Pivot Table friendly data and therefore managed to do it for some but not others. The first experience was not replicated.

Others failed not because they are bad with data. It's because the data they were using was not in Pivot Table friendly format. Therefore, they failed to create one. ​

Here's how a Pivot Table friendly layout looked like.

Pivot Table Friendly Layout

To be be able to create a successful Pivot Table or Data Visualization Project all the time, you need to know first what is a Pivot Table friendly layout before you jumped into data visualization. That's where I can be of help to you. If you wish to be successful in creating a report whether it is in Pivot Table or for Data Visualization, you need to attend our course. It is happening on 19& 20 May 2020, 9am to 5pm (SGT), online. Drop me a text for more details.

March 2, 2020

3 Types of BGR you can find in Databases


The relationships in data sources are like BGR (Boy Girl Relationship). There are 3 types:

1) One boyfriend to One girlfriend

This is the easiest to manage because one record from one table is linked to another record in a second table.

2) One boyfriend to Many girlfriends OR Many boyfriends to One girlfriend

One record from one table is related to many records in a second table

3) Many boyfriends to Many girlfriends

Many records from one table are related to many records in a second table. The relationship is highly complex and should be avoid at all cost. 

February 27, 2020

3 Major Difference between Pivot Table and Power Pivot Table


1a. Pivot Table can only accept a single source of data. 

1b. Power Pivot Table can accept multiple sources of data.


2a. Pivot Table can only do simple summary such as Sum, Count, Max, Min

2b Power Pivot Table can do complex calculations

performs calculations

3a. Pivot table can only accept data from the entire source (worksheet)

3b Power Pivot Table let you pick choose the columns from source to be included in the report

pick and choose columns  from source for Power Pivot
February 26, 2020

3 core skills you will acquire in our business data training

I am conducting our most popular Excel course titled "Hidden Secrets of Data Analysis in Excel" next week on 5 & 6 March 2020. It is not a typical Excel course which just showed you how to use some popular functions and formulas in Excel.

This "Hidden Secrets" course will also impart skills on how to manage your database, a skill that is not available in most if not all Excel courses. To be able to prepare your reports, you need to have at least a basic sense of how databases worked. This will help you manage your data more efficiently, create more dynamic Pivot Table for analysis and reporting.

I will also share with you some computer skills, not those which showed you how to launch a application but at a deeper level on how you should store files and what type of files you should use. Some Dos and Don'ts that more people do not take much notice but will help you improve on your reporting. 

If you are interested to take this highly valued course, head over to our Hidden Secrets of Data Analysis in Excel course page to sign up. There is no better time to upgrade yourself and start your journey on Data Analytics than now.

February 25, 2020

3 New Ways to present a Hair Salon Sales Dropped by 50% in Excel

When it comes to creating charts in Excel, most people usually think of only one type of chart, that is, the column chart. It is the default chart in Excel. But you do not have to live with the default charts. There are changes you can make to the chart to make it better looking without you having to spend hours on it. And I am going to show you 3 of them.

1. Changing the background to a picture.

2. Changing the column count to scissors.

3. Highlighting the cause of the drop/increase in sales.  

It is better to show you how to do it in the video below than to write. Watch it and let me know if it is going to help you impress your boss with them.