You have 3 options

A General Manager of a reputable corporation came for my Hidden Secrets of Data Analysis in Excel Training. I asked him “What do you hope to learn from the course?”

It is a standard feature in my training is to ask them what they hope to achieve in the training so that I can customize it as much as I can to help them.

His reply was “My staff said the reports he wanted cannot be done in Excel. I am here to verify it.

The outcome is “It can be done.”

You may think that this general manager didn’t trust his staff. But I think that he had probably seen someone doing it and knew that it can be done but he needed confirmation.

So if your boss asked you to do something, you have 3 choices:

1. Tell him/her that it cannot be done and hope that he does find out.

2. Let him find out and tell you how.

3. Get trained, show him you can do it now and earn some points.

Which choice would you choose?

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