December 9

Checkpoints are important


When you look at the map, it is important that you know where you started and where you are going. During the journey, there are likely to be checkpoints for you to confirm that you are on going in the right track.

It is the same when it comes to training materials. Knowing which section you are in constantly is important so that you do not get lost in your learning. 

That's why I spent a few hours to learn how to insert section headers into every page of the course materials.

Are you serious? A few hours?

Adding section headers sounds simple, right?

It is simple and easy but tedious if you go to every page and add in the section header manually. That's good if you have no intention to make any more changes to your book or course materials.

But if there is a single possibility that you might move the content around or add new content in the future, it is important that the addition of section headers are automated merely by you adding your topics to different sections. It took me a few hours to learn and find the right design for the header. But it is now completed and I am happy with the addition I have made.

With the section headers added, my participants will know which step of the "Analyze any data" framework they are in. This will give them clarity as they read and follow the notes.

These are the little things we took care of when we create our courses.


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