3 core skills you will acquire in our business data training

I am conducting our most popular Excel course titled “Hidden Secrets of Data Analysis in Excel” next week on 5 & 6 March 2020. It is not a typical Excel course which just showed you how to use some popular functions and formulas in Excel.

This “Hidden Secrets” course will also impart skills on how to manage your database, a skill that is not available in most if not all Excel courses. To be able to prepare your reports, you need to have at least a basic sense of how databases worked. This will help you manage your data more efficiently, create more dynamic Pivot Table for analysis and reporting.

I will also share with you some computer skills, not those which showed you how to launch a application but at a deeper level on how you should store files and what type of files you should use. Some Dos and Don’ts that more people do not take much notice but will help you improve on your reporting. 

If you are interested to take this highly valued course, head over to our Hidden Secrets of Data Analysis in Excel course page to sign up. There is no better time to upgrade yourself and start your journey on Data Analytics than now.

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