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Our Goal in everydayExcel Business Lab

In everydayExcel, our goal is to help high-performance managers and executives excel in their jobs every day. We make use of apps, software, and tools that are readily available on their computers or laptops. One of these apps is Microsoft Excel. Through the use of Excel, high-performance managers and executives can also broaden their skillset in Data Analytics and Data Visualization, learn Power BI, another great and popular app that is gaining recognition in the marketplace.

Data Analytics and Data Visualization are not difficult to pick up if you make use of the right app. Our courses are designed to help high-performance managers and executives make use of Microsoft Excel to jumpstart their learning in Data Analytics and Data Visualization.

We are constantly testing the apps with multiple scenarios to get the best solution for each business problem smart executives face. Each solution is then broken down into bite-size modules to help you pick up the solutions in the shortest possible time and retained the learning for workplace implementation.

Who are the high-performance managers and executives?

Master Existing Software

It is tough to ask for a budget to purchase new software. You need to pass the IT gatekeepers and justify why you need that particular software. Even free software is likely to be rejected due to considerations of support and security. High-performance managers and executives master the use of existing software in their company laptops for their work. For example, you can make use of Excel to master data analytics. Power BI is usually readily installed on their laptops and is a great tool for data visualization. By mastering readily available software in their computers, they are able to work efficiently and cut down on mundane tasks.

Learn from the Pros

High-Performance managers and executives do not start from ground zero. They look for experts and structural programs to gain a headstart in acquiring new skills and knowledge. They attend courses that have proven to work and shorten the entire process of learning skills critical to their success in their jobs. They are constantly upgrading themselves to address the demands of today.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

High-performance managers and executives do not make random decisions. They make use of readily available data to boost the quality of their decisions and reduce risks. They tap on different sources of data (internal and external) and combine these data to get an accurate picture of the business problems on hand.

Present a Laser-Focused Analysis

High-performance managers and executives organize their analysis and deliver a laser-focused presentation to their targeted audience. They effectively communicate their findings using tables, numbers, and visuals to facilitate understanding and get buy-ins.

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