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Instant Reporting Formula

In our programs, we will coach your business team(s) on setting up a SCALABLE data source for Pivot Table, EASILY analyze the business data using Excel Pivot Table and present and update the findings INSTANTLY. With our Instant Analytics Reporting Model, your team can save time on report preparation and re-allocate their time to review their business performance instantly, making full of their expertise during review. Your team can therefore spend their time effectively, optimizing the resources for your profit growth.

SCALABLE Data Sources

A scalable data source increases in size by increasing in the number of rows. Most users create data sources by increasing the number of columns or the data sets. As a result, they have to spend hours collating the data. In our programs, we will show your team how to design a data source that can be scaled up easily over time, be it a few hundred rows or tens of thousands of rows. 

Organize Data and Report

EASILY Analyze Business Data

With your scalable data source, you can easily analyze your business data with analytical tools like Pivot Table and/or PowerPivot. Identify Fast Selling Products, Top Performing Shops/Locations, Customer Profiling, Generate Product Profitability Reports.

INSTANT Performance Review

Review monthly trends, before and after events, forecast and budgets or simply track the progress of operations can be done with a click of a button. 

Review Performance

Who is it for?




Supply Chain

Sales managers can save time on running sales report and focus on managing the sales teams and customers needs.

Marketers can identify customers profiles easily and track the effectiveness of marketing channels

Run profitability reports for company, products, locations, customers FAST and work with stakeholders to improve the profit margins

Track shipment changes with a click and provide timely advice to suppliers and customers on arrival of goods.

Ericca Sim

Sales Manager, Abacus International Pte Ltd

Able to apply the format in my sales report. Its save time in running my report.

Anarane Thng

Specialty Marketing, Parkway Pantai

The MS Query helped with my sales revenue report compiling, also, help me to break down my revenue from the customers by specialist or discipline.

May Lee

Senior Finance Officer, Singapore Heart Foundation

Time taken for closing will be shortened.

Chu Ya Qing

Supply Chain, 3M

After this course, I will be able to save more time to combine the data from different sources into one mater file with shorter time.

Get Swift Responses to Business Changes

Instant Business Analysis Reporting