3 Key reasons why you should know which version of Excel you are using

1. You can do Unique Count in Pivot Table if you have Excel 2013 and above

2. You can combined data from multiple worksheets in one from Excel 2016

3. You can do away VLOOKUP, MID, Text to Columns from Excel 2016

1. Unique Count in Pivot Table

The pivot table used to be able to count the number of records in the data source. If the same name appears 10 times in the data source, Pivot Table will count the name 10 times. There are times when you wish to count only the 10 names once and display as one count. If this is the problem you are facing, then you should use at least Excel 2013. A few clicks are what it takes to get the answer.

2. Combined data from multiple worksheets

A common question that popped out in my training is how to do a Pivot Table for multiple worksheets (data sources). The answer is you can’t. But what you could do is to combine the records using a function available from Excel 2016. It allows you to do a one time setup to combine all the data sources into one so that you can prepare the Pivot Table like before.

3. No more formulas

Do you dread using VLOOKUP, MID, LEFT, RIGHT formuals to combine and split your data all the time? With Excel 2016, you can do away with these formulas and simple learn how to choose the right function to use. Your data can be combined and cleaned with not a single formula. 

Not sure whether of these functions is available to you? Check which version of Excel you are using before you explore the solutions for the above 3 problems. The video below show you how to check your Excel version.

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