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October 6, 2020

One Step to Data Analytics from Excel

Do you see the white dotted lines on the road? 

Just like this road that is separated by the dotted line, Excel and Data Analytics are also separated by a thin dotted line.

If you have been extracting data, filtering data, copying and pasting data in Excel, you can easily step across to the other side of the road and take the data analytics path. Both share the same skills and both can be achieved using Excel. Check out both courses below.

Hidden Secrets of Data Analysis in Excel

Grow Your Profits Through Data Analytics and Data Modelling

October 6, 2020

Arrow or Dart?

The target was at a distance, about 100m away. She held up the bow, place the arrow on the bow, pulled the arrow against the string and took aim. The arrow flew out of the bow and she let go and hit the target at the bullseye. 

The bow is like the control key on your keyboard. The arrow key is the arrow. If you just simply press the arrow key, you can only move to the next cell. But by pressing and holding on to the control key first and then press the arrow key at the same time, you can fly to the last row of your data.

Without the control key, your arrow key is like the dart. It can only move bit by bit. But with the bow and arrow, you can shoot further and faster. 

Remember the control and arrow keys.  

Check out the course below if you wish to boost your productivity 

October 1, 2020

Download Transform Load (DTL)

I was chatting with a friend online and she told me that she has attended a course on Power Query and Power Pivot.

That is a good thing. I checked on the online course she attended and it seemed to cover most of the features in the course.

The next question I asked was: Have you applied any of it?

Do you know the answer?

When we acquire a skill, it is important to know how to use it. So I created this video to share with her and you. This is what you could do when you learn data analytics, specifically power query.

Hope the video helps you understand how data analytics can simplify your job.
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