Top 5%?

Are your staff in the Top 5%?

Hot air balloons representing your staff and competitors' staff. Who will soar higher and get ahead?

Is it important to be in the Top 5%?

If this question was asked 10 years ago, the answer was maybe. But now, the answer has changed. It is important for your staff to be in the Top 5%.

You are probably asking, Top 5% of what?

Top 5% of Excel users worldwide.

Pivot Table is only known to 5% of Excel users. It is a great analytics tool that helps your staff prepare the reports you want Fast and Accurate.

Unlike other spreadsheet programs like Google Sheets and Open Office which focus on tabulating data and worksheet functions, Excel has progressed further with data analysis. That is about understanding the data on your customers, products, inventory, salesman, marketing campaigns, profit and loss, etc.

10 years ago, data collection was costly and was privy to big corporations with CRM and ERP systems. Smaller companies were not able to compete with the big corporations. But now, with digitization, data are readily available to all companies, big and small. No company suffers from the lack of data now. Instead, every company is experiencing a tsunami of data.

The sudden influx of data has caught some management off guard. They do not know how to make use of them even though they know that it is valuable. It is like knowing that there is a gold mine in their garden but do not know how to extract it.

Some management thought that they need expensive tools to extract information from the data in their possession. The truth is, Excel Pivot Table can do the job very well. Big corporations are also using Excel Pivot Table to analyze their data and make informed decisions with their data analysis.

Knowing how to use Pivot Table to analyze your company data is only the first step. Equipping your staff with the know-how to analyze the ever-growing data in the company is the ultimate goal. And Excel has been upgraded to do this job well too. You don’t have to buy new software or Apps to do it.

If you think that you have been surviving well for the past 10 years and do not need to analyze any data, then you are treading on thin ice. Your competitors who believe in data analysis are likely to move ahead of you. Even our government is strongly encouraging companies to upgrade their data analytics capability. If you do not do it, you are probably going to fall behind your competitors.

So take action now and start equipping your staff with the relevant data analysis skills. When they stay in the Top 5%, your company will be too. Contact us or browse the Excel training courses we offer, it is a good place to start.