February 20

3 reasons why I created an interactive map chart


1. Reduce information overload

2. Visual representation is better than a long list of text and numbers

3. Choose what they want to see.

1. Reduce information overload

The Singapore Government re-activated the PHPC to help to detect and manage the COVID-19 virus spread. It came out with a portal for you to search for a clinic near you. The list showed the clinic nearest to you and the contact details. When I look at the list, I was overwhelmed. The first thought that came to my mind is where are those clinics? I am not familiar with the address and do not know where they are actually. So what did I do? I took the whole list and plotted the clinics on a map.

2. Visual representation is better than a long list of text and numbers

With the map, I can see where are all the 783 clinics located. I don't have to look at the text and numbers for my first view.

3. Choose what they want to see.

With a map, all I have to do is to zoom in to where I am now, then look for the dots nearest to me. With a mouse over functions, I can then see the clinic name, address and contact number. It helps me identify the clinics near me although I hope I don’t have to use it.

Was it easy to plot? It just took me 5 mins. The video is a little longer because I added in explanations. You can watch it below. 


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