What is data analytics?

What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is about understanding the data that you own and using it to help you make better quality decisions in your area of work.

Is Data Analytics for IT?

Data Analytics is not limited to those working in the IT industry. Data Analytics is applicable to different professions, which we call domains. You can be in HR, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Supply Chain, Customer Service, Admin, Maintenance. You will need data analytics to learn how the performance is affected by different factors

Who require data analytics?

As a manager, you need to understand how the analysis is done and provide your team with a data analytics culture. This will help to mine more insights from the data and help you make better quality decisions. It also helps you to have a better understanding of data analytics and have a engaging discussion with your team.

Data Analytics is used in many places. I could be using it to analyze why employees come to office late, why sales are not doing well, what’s the projected sales likely to be in the next 12 months, how to reduce shipping time, which gadget(s) in the household consume the most electricity, bonus calculations, and many others.

A statement made without supporting evidence is risky. If you make a observation and generalize that observation as a major reason for your good performance (without confirming the reason with data), you may suffer avoidable losses. Hence, it is important to find supporting evidence (data) first before you act on your observation.