top selling products

How do supermarkets like NTUC, Giant, Sheng Siong, and Walmart know the top-selling products to place on the shelf in each quarter?

With millions of products sold on a daily basis, it is impossible to find out this information manually. You probably think that big companies have smart systems which can generate reports for them automatically so that they can simply click a button and immediately know the answer. The truth is, these big companies have big systems to capture the sales for them BUT they still use Excel to analyze the best-selling products.
Using Excel Power Query and Power Pivot, they are able to identify the top-selling products for a particular category, such as bread spread (Different brands of Peanut Butter) in each sales location. Not all the sales locations will register the same brand of peanut butter as the top-selling product. In some locations, it could be brand A, in other locations, it could be brand B. By knowing the top-selling products in each sales location, these supermarkets could stock up more of the top-selling brands to prevent them from going out of stock. In this way, the sales for the peanut butter brand can be maximized.
If you wish to possess the same skills as these major supermarkets, you need to equip your staff with excellent Excel Data Analytics skills such as Power Query and Power Pivot.

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