The Triple Power of Super Excel

The Triple Powers of Super Excel

Why Super Excel?

I called it Super Excel because it contains powerful apps that help you speed up what you have been doing with Excel. The apps are so fast that they deserve to be called super.

What are the Triple Powers?

The Triple Powers here refers to Power Query, Power Pivot and Power BI.

Power Query is used to clean and organize your raw data so that it is ready for you to perform the subsequent tasks in analysis.

Power Pivot is a calculation tool, much more faster than what you have experienced in Pivot Table and you can create many calculation you can’t do with Pivot Table

Power BI is a visualization tool which you can use to present your data visually instead of just display rows and rows of numbers. Charts are visuals that can help you explain what your data is saying and allow your audience to understand what you have analyzed. 

Power BI Desktop is a standalone that you can download from Microsoft website to perform all the above 3 powerful functions.