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Your Nett Course Fees Payable Could Be $238

The course fees is $1,600.

Since this is a WSQ course, you are eligible to take this course at the nett course fees of $1,240. But that is not all. 

You answered that you are an NTUC member who joined after 1 Mar 2020, NTUC will subsidize 50% of the nett course fees. That is $250 off. This is provide that you have not fully utilized the UTAP funds of $250 for your age group.  Check here for more details – NTUC UTAP

The Singapore Government is giving Singaporeans 25 years old and above $500 Skillsfuture Credit on 1 Oct 2020. You can utilize this fund to pay for this course. Click on the link for more detail on Skillsfuture Credit.

Plus if you are a self employed person, you are able to claim $10.50 per hour of training allowance. That is $252 for 24 hours of training.  Check here for more details – NTUC Training Fund (SEPs) 

Note: This is based on the information we have gathered from your answers. You have to check with the relevant parties to confirm that you are eligible for the amount presented. 

Below is the summary of the fees payable. 




Course Fees



Subsidy (SG below 40yo)



NTUC UTAP (joined after 1 Mar 2020)



Click here (UTAP) to check Eligibility

Skillsfuture Credit



Click here (SFC) to check Eligibility

SEP Training Allowance



Click here (SEP) to check Eligibility

Nett Fees payable


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