Quickbooks Online

What has Data Analytics got to do with Quickbooks online?

Quickbooks online is an accounting software.

  1. But when company purchased goods and services, it has to issue a PO. This means that the quantity on order is captured into the system. 
  2. Upon receiving the goods, it has to close the PO and capture the stocks into the system. Quantity on Hand is captured. ‚Äč
  3. When it generates a Sales Order, quantity is listed. This means that quantity ordered is captured. 

With these 3 activities captured into Quickbooks online, we can use Power BI (Data Analytics) to pull the quantities from the system. This means that company can know at any point in time, how much is available for sale or order, and if there is a need to order more.

To find out the status, you would need to know the 3 skills needed in Data Analytics: Data Query, Data Modelling and Data Visualization.

That’s how data analytics can be used in Quickbooks online.

By the way, Power BI report can be accessed through the mobile app. Hence, sales managers can have the available stocks for sale on the move.

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