power bi

Getting Started with Power BI

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a data visualization tool that helps you to organize your data and present them based on meaningful categories. It makes your data easier to understand, especially for your bosses who are too busy to look at the details and would like to know what’s in the data you have.

In a Power BI Report, you will be able to present the data based on different categories such as by country, by month, by location, by gender, etc. What you can do depends on the data you have.

How to create the first visual in Power BI?

It is very simple to create a visual in Power BI. These are the steps assuming that you have Power BI installed. If you wish to see me in action, scroll down and watch the video I have recorded

  1. Get Data from the Excel worksheet. I am using publicly available data on Covid for my demonstration
  2. Add the type of visual, say bar chart into the canvas
  3. Drop the New cases into the X-axis.
  4. Drop the country into the Y-axis.
  5. Format the visual

To create another visual using the same data source, repeat steps 2 to 5.

What visual should you do next?

By right, the bar chart should not be the first visual you should create in your report. If you follow the steps of data analysis, the first visual should be a card that tells you or your boss what is the total number of new cases in your data. You can add in a time frame to make your data more relevant. For example, you can provide a card visual to tell your boss the total number of new cases in Asia in 2022. This number would beautifully describe what your data contains.

To know the detailed steps to create your visuals, watch the video below.