pivot table masterclass

Excel Pivot Table Masterclass: Excel Reporting & Dashboards

Who Should Attend

The training is specially designed for managers and executives who want to summarize and present their data in a dashboard.

Participants must
• Have experience using a pivot table
• own a worksheet of data with at least 50 rows

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Designing a dashboard using the functions in Pivot Table and Power Pivot
  • Data visualization using Pivot Chart and Conditional Formatting
  • Effective use of the functions in Pivot Table and Chart

Course Outline

Pivot Table Compliant Data Set

  1. Required Data Layout
  2. 3 ways to connect to your data sources
  3. Have your pivot table data layout reviewed

Analyze and Summarize your data with Pivot Table

  1. Create a Pivot Table using Tables
  2. Create a Pivot Table using a CSV file
  3. Create a Pivot Table using the files in a folder
  4. Using more than one summation value in Pivot Table
  5. Changing Summary Calculations
  6. Sorting Data in Pivot Table
  7. Filtering Data in Pivot Table
  8. Grouping values in Pivot Table
  9. Grouping dates in Pivot Table
  10. Counting unique records
  11. Add and use Slicers for presentation
  12. Using a timeline in Pivot Table
  13. Creating trend in Pivot Chart

Mastering the presentation of data

  1. Creating a bar chart in Pivot Table
  2. Controlling more than one Pivot Table with slicers
  3. Attract your audience with professional-looking pivot charts
  4. Effective use of visuals to attract attention.

Special Bonus

The trainer provides free consultation during the course so that participants can get a head start and apply what they learned immediately to their jobs. Participants need to provide a copy of their sanitized raw data for this.

Program Dates

  • 13-Feb-23 (Mon)
  • 5-May-23 (Fri)
  • 19-Jul-23 (Wed)
  • 13-Oct-23 (Fri)


1 days – 9am to 5pm


S$450 per pax 


If you need further clarifications, please send us a message using the form here and we will reply you ASAP.