The Brutal Truth about the Marble Challenge

I called it the Marble Challenge. In Squid Game, episode 6 is called Gganbu which means “neigbourhood best friend”.

Marble Game is the fourth challenge in Netflix’s Squid Game. In the episode, everyone was asked to form their own team of 2. Thinking that this was a challenge based on team effort, each of the player chose the one they were closest to.

Seong Gi_hum teamed up with Oh II Num

Cho Sang-woo paired up with Ali

Kang Sae-Byeok partnered Ji Yeong

In the challenge, each player was given 10 marbles. To win the challenge, they need to win over the 10 marbles held by their teammate. That meant that their teammate would be eliminated.

The challenge had a sad outcome because the players won the game through unscrupulous means. Losing their friends was bad enough. Betraying their friends was even worst. The winners in the challenge ended up feeling guilty for winning the challenge.

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