headcount report

95% of HR Managers and Executives do not know this

95% of HR Managers do not know that the headcount report is not the same as the employee profile.

The headcount report and employee profile database must be kept separate.

Employee Profile is like a master list that captures all the employees details like date of birth, gender, place of residence, nationality, marital status, start date of employment, date of resignation, etc. It is valid at a point in time.

The headcount report shows the headcount status of a company over a period of time. It is usually done monthly. The headcount report should be able to see the headcount for each month, just like the headcount report by location shown below.

The headcount report can be updated effortlessly with Pivot Table. Other headcount reports you can create with the same data source can be shown below.

Headcount report by designation

Headcount report by Age Group

Headcount report by job grade

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