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Automating Course Registration with Microsoft 365: Secrets of a Highly Competent L&D Manager

Who Should Attend

Learning and Development (L&D) Managers responsible for organizing, managing, and tracking training and development activities within their organizations will benefit greatly from this course. It will empower them to automate time-consuming administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on strategic training initiatives.

HR Professionals who oversee employee training and development programs can gain valuable insights on how to optimize training processes, reduce administrative overhead, and enhance training outcomes using Microsoft 365.

Training Coordinators responsible for coordinating training sessions and managing the registration process will acquire practical skills to simplify their tasks and improve efficiency.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  • have the practical skills and knowledge needed to implement a comprehensive and efficient training management system within their organization,
  • leveraging the potential of Microsoft 365’s automation capabilities.
  • be equipped to save time, reduce administrative burdens, and enhance the effectiveness of their Learning and Development initiatives.
  • Implement approval processes and workflows for course registration and budget approval using Power Automate

Course Outline

Day 1: Harnessing the Power of Microsoft 365 for Training Automation

Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft 365 for Training Automation

  • Overview of Microsoft 365 beyond Outlook
  • Benefits of automation for L&D managers
  • Real-time updates and tracking capabilities

Module 2: Designing Training Worksheets

  • Creating worksheets to capture training details
  • Budget tracking and allocation

Module 3: Creating Course Registration Forms

  • Using Microsoft Forms for registration
  • Building registration forms with Power Apps

Module 4: Automating Approval Processes

  • Auto-sending approval requests to supervisors
  • Budget approval workflows

Day 2: Streamlining Training Management and Reporting

Module 5: Confirmations and Notifications

  • Automatic confirmation of course registrations
  • Notifications to registrants and supervisors

Module 6: Gathering Feedback

  • Collecting feedback from course participants
  • Analyzing feedback for course improvement

Module 7: Generating Reports and Analytics

  • Tracking training hours and spending
  • Counting the number of staff trained
  • Analyzing course feedback
  • Building reports with Power Query, Excel and/or Power BI

Program Dates

Face-to-Face Workshops

  • 25 – 26 Jan 2024 (Thu – Fri)
  • 13 – 14 May 2024 (Mon – Tue)


2 days program (7 hours each day) – 9am to 5pm


S$800 per pax 


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