Excel Tips & Tricks

Top 50 Excel Tips & Tricks for Productivity Boost

Are you the slave or the master of Excel?

Most business people are slaves to Excel because they use Excel the wrong way. They only learned the basics of Excel and jumped right in, doing lots of copying and pasting jobs in Excel. If you feel that you are a slave to Excel, it is time to cross over and become the master of Excel, conquering what seems to be time-consuming tasks to you. I will share with you 100+ Tips and Tricks, each takes only one to two minutes to learn. This course is not a compilation of keyboard shortcuts from Ctrl-A to Z. In this course, I am going to show you tips and tricks in different categories so that you could save up to 90% of the time you are currently spending in Excel.

Who Should Attend

Managers and Executives who crunch lots of data and prepare reports regularly for their companies. They must have basic knowledge of Excel i.e. open Excel files, simple auto filter, etc.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Master Essential Excel Shortcuts: Enable participants to navigate efficiently within Excel sheets and perform common tasks like selecting, formatting, and editing data with speed and precision using keyboard shortcuts.
  2. Streamline Data Entry and Editing Processes: Teach participants how to use Excel functions and features to simplify data entry, edit large datasets quickly, and manage worksheet organization, which includes handling duplicates, filtering data, and adjusting cell protection.
  3. Optimize Data Presentation and Reporting: Instruct participants on how to enhance their data presentation skills using Excel’s formatting tools to create informative, visually appealing reports that include conditional formatting, custom data formats, and basic charts.

    Course Outline

    You will learn the tips and tricks in the following categories

    1. Navigating and Selecting in Excel
      • Using shortcuts to navigate and select data (Tips #001, #002, #004, #005)
      • Selecting visible vs. hidden cells
      • Efficiently selecting large datasets
    2. Data Entry and Manipulation
      • Using shortcuts for quick data entry (Tip #007)
      • Modifying multiple cells simultaneously (Tip #003)
      • Copying and moving data across sheets and workbooks (Tips #006, #008)
    3. Advanced Formatting Techniques
      • Conditional formatting to highlight data (Tips #017, #022)
      • Custom formatting to change display settings (Tips #018, #019)
    4. Efficient Use of Formulas and Functions
      • Inserting and using basic formulas
      • Using formulas to manage and analyze data (Tip #009, #029, #030)
      • Applying formulas to multiple cells at once
    5. Working with Sheets and Workbooks
      • Managing worksheets within a workbook (Tips #051, #052)
      • Organizing data across multiple sheets
      • Linking data between sheets (Tip #012)

    Program Dates

    • 10 Jun 2024 (Mon) – Fiji Suva
    • 19 Aug 2024 (Mon) – Papua New Guinea

    Mode of Delivery

    • Face-to-Face workshop

    Course Duration

    • 2 days (7 hours each day) – 9 am to 5pm