upgrade your excel skills

Time to upgrade your Excel skills

You have learned VLOOKUP and Pivot Table. They are great functions in Excel that have served you well over the years. But with the explosion of data, a simple Pivot Table may no longer serve your need. You need more powerful tools to process the thousands of rows of data to prepare the reports fast.
And the answer to the need can still be found in Excel. The new functions that have been added and constantly upgraded are Power Query and Power Pivot.

Power Query

Power Query takes away the need for VLOOKUP. It is also able to delete empty rows and columns automatically, create the IF function for you, split columns, extract data, and re-arrange your rows and columns instantly. That’s not all. Power Query captured what you did and can repeat the entire process for you as new data comes in. All you need is to do it once and Power Query will take care of the rest.

Power Pivot

Power Pivot can be considered an advanced Pivot Table. The basic Pivot Table can only analyze a single source of data. But Power Pivot can take in multiple sources of data and analyze them all at the same time. Unlike Pivot Table which takes hours to perform complex calculations, Power Pivot did it in just seconds. Power Pivot is designed to process large amounts of information instantly.

The difference between Pivot Table and Power Pivot

You probably cannot see the difference between Pivot Table and Power Pivot. They look the same. It is like looking at 2 cars and there seems to be no difference between them. But one of the cars is equipped with a powerful engine and can speed up 100 times faster. PowerPivot is just like this powerful car.
With Power Query and Power Pivot, there is NO NEED to work on the raw data more than once. That means you can spend more time on your analysis without working late into the night. This is your secret weapon to exceed your work performance and have extra time for your family too.

Where to learn Power Query and Power Pivot?

You can learn Power Query and PowerPivot from this WSQ course which has been approved with a training grant. Check it out here.