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The smarter way to use Excel

The smarter way to use Excel

Gone are the days when you download the data into your computer, copy and paste the data into your excel worksheet and generate the Pivot Table reports for your analysis.

If you are still doing this manually, it’s time to upgrade or risk leaving behind. If you are looking for a job, you will be placed at the end of the queue.

Companies are now looking for employees who can generate the reports faster than ever. You no longer have the luxury to spend hours and hours of your time to prepare your report.

VLOOKUP and Pivot Table are good starting points. But it is no longer the end point. You must learn how to automate your reports so that you can give it to your boss instantly.

Those who keep to the same old way risked being replaced. You might be thinking that I am referring to Macros or VBA. I am not. I am talking about the new functions in Excel which can follow what you have done and repeat the steps exactly how you did it.

The new Excel functions are better than an employee. They are precise in getting the job done. They do not have moods. And they are fast. The question is, are you going to the one in charge of them or would it be someone else?

There are 2 ways to respond to this message.

  • Continue with the old ways and get obsolete real soon. Or
  • Take on the challenge, learn the new functions and work smarter with Excel.

If you choose 2, drop us a message now and we will help you get ahead of the others.