How I Managed To Steam A Fish Successfully In My First Attempt

My maiden steam fish dish

This is my maiden steam fish dish. It is my first attempt to cook for my family, bearing the burden that they might have to go without dinner if I failed. The last time I stepped into the kitchen was more than 15 years ago.

I managed to cook it with the help of a few youtube videos giving me the step by step guide. I watched and chose the portion of each video that I find easiest to do.

The toughest part of the cooking is not the steps. It is to make sure that the food is cooked and not burnt. I managed to do it because of the informal training I got from my mum in my younger days. It was informal because I would pop into the kitchen, do one stage of the cooking and then run away. If anything went wrong when I was doing the cooking, she was there to take over.

Learning how to use Excel for Data Analysis uses the same approach, at least in our courses. We will show you step by step how to create your report. You follow us to complete the task. Then you try to do it on your own. In the process, if anything goes wrong, we are there to help. If you have any questions, we are also there to answer them. At the end of the training, you would have successfully created your first report. The rest is simply practice and practice to perfect the skills.

Using this method, we have trained thousands over the years and most of them have joined the top 5% of Excel users who know Pivot Table.

If you already know Pivot Table, you can upgrade yourself to become the Top 1% of Excel users who know Data Analytics and Power Pivot.

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