SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC)

Skillsfuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC) is like your Skills Future Credit except that this is for companies and businesses. You can use it to pay for WSQ courses like our “Secret Hacks of Excel Data Analytics for PMET“.

SFEC used to be available for companies who paid at least $750 of skills development fund over the qualifying period of 3 months. That means each month you have to pay $250 of Skills Development Funds.

Skills Development Levy Criteria removed in 2022

In SG Budget 2022, this criteria was removed. Now, you are eligible for SFEC if you employ at least 3 Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents every month in the year 2021 and have not defaulted on Skills Development Levy. Your company needs to be Singapore registered and have at least 30% of local shareholding by Singapore citizens or permanent residents.

If you meet the criteria and send your staff for our Excel Business Analytics course, you will be eligible for a training grant of 70%. This means that you only need to pay the balance of $300 to upgrade their skills in Data Analytics. You can choose to use SFEC to pay $270 of the $300 balance. That means you only need to come out with $30 to upgrade each staff.

How many staff can you send for the course?

With a SFEC credit of $10,000, you can send 37 staff to our training course at a small fraction of the course fees.

This is a low-risk investment that will never go wrong. Every company without Data Analytics will be obsolete in the future. Take action now and give your company an unfair advantage over everyone else.

Click on the link to confirm that the amount is available to spend.