power bi is not just a charting tool

Power BI is not just a charting tool

I was shocked when she told me this.

Power BI is a charting tool.

That’s what one of my clients told me when I mentioned Power BI to her.

But as I recovered from my shock, I sort of understood what she meant.

Power BI, like other Data Visualization tools such as Tableau and Quikview, produces all kinds of charts like Excel, just that these charts are much more prettier than Excel Charts and have more varieties.

And most bosses were sold by nice-looking charts that they saw.

The truth is, Power BI is more than a charting tool.

The first function in Power BI

Professional-looking charts are just one of the 3 main functions in Power BI. Included are also analytical visuals like decomposition tree which can help you break down the numbers into different parts, interactive charts that help you tell a story about your data.

The second function of Power BI

The second function of Power BI is to organize the data from the sources. This includes cleaning the data like removing unwanted rows, changing the data description from big cap to sentence cap. I just mentioned 2 of them. There are many functions included making sure that your data source is good enough for the data visualization.

The third function in Power BI

The third function in Power BI is to do calculations. The ones that are always needed are SUM and COUNT. Other than that, there are functions to help you calculate the variance, filter and sum up data like SUMIFs, calculate YTD from the data source.

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