pivot table

Did you lose 25 years of experience in Pivot Table?

25 years of pivot table

Many people are duped into believing that Pivot Table is one of the advanced functions in Excel because it is included in the Advanced Level Excel courses.

But if you have learned how to use Pivot Table and are using it for reporting, you will find that it is easier to use than most of the worksheet functions. In fact, I classify Pivot Table as the third function you should learn after auto-filter and sorting.

With Pivot Table, you won’t even have to know SUM and conditional sum because they are taken care of in Pivot Table. All you have to learn is how to drag and drop the numbers into the Pivot Table and the answers instantly appeared in the report.

With the increase in awareness of data analytics, Pivot Table has become even more important than before. It is going to be one of the pre-requisite for any jobs in sales, marketing, supply chain, HR, finance, stock management, admin, etc.

Did I miss any department?

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