mail merge

Only a handful of HR know this Excel secret in Mail Merge

This course is specially designed to upgrade HR managers and executives from basic to intermediate Excel skills.

When you generate the promotion letter, increment letter or bonus letter using Mail Merge, do you have to manually do the following to every letter?

1. Add in the dollar sign or percentage,

2. Adjust the number to 2 decimal places,

3. Insert a comma for the thousands.

It is a simple yet time-consuming job. I bet you don’t want to spend hours making all these adjustments, especially if you have hundreds of letters to generate.

Isn’t Mail Merge a Microsoft Word function?

You are right. Mail Merge is a Microsoft Word function. But for it to work efficiently, you still need to have an Excel file as a source. And that’s where the secret is.

You need to prepare the data so that you can save hours on this low value-added job. Time is precious. There are tons of stuff to complete. Get rid of those that do not add value to your performance.

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What is mail merge?

Mail merge is a function in Microsoft Word. The purpose of mail merge is to generate hundreds or thousands of personalized letters using a template letter and records usually in Excel.