Live Captioning

One of my clients was asking me if I could training their SEA region staff with a lower proficiency in English. When this question was posted to me, I thought he should be asking his colleagues with higher proficiency in English whether they mind.

Then it occurred to me that maybe he is asking me because the trainees may take a longer time to understand me. So I though of live captioning to supplement their lower proficiency in English. They can read my instructions instead of listening to me. So I tested out 2 services of live captioning. 

One is with which works like a live streaming service. It is very easy to setup. But I feel that the accuracy level may not be there. Hence I tested out another. Before I share with you the other, watch the video below where you can see the lag in the publication of the subtitle.

The video below is by using The setup is a lot more complicated but it seems to produce a better subtitle than I decided to go with because with the paid subscription, I can also transcribe my videos which I have already produced with subtitle. Watch it and judge for yourself which is better. If you click on this link, you will get a month free of pro lite – the pro features with 600 mins. For captioning, you need the business plan.