Just one email away

Just one email away

data analytics course in Excel

I was migrating my websites to a new server, one that offers better loading speed. In the process, I was given 2 choices to migrate.

The first choice was a new plugin that has not been extensively tested. It offers a form for you to fill in the necessary details. Looks easy.

The second choice was to use coding. It was recommended because it is fast and reliable while the first choice is slow and new (unstable).

If you were me, which choice do you choose?

I chose the first choice because it was easier. And I have tried using a plugin before and know how to do a quick reset if something went wrong. But not for the second choice.

In the end, it took me quite a few hours to complete the migration. But nothing eventful.

I didn’t dare to venture into the second option because I do not have enough experience with the coding. But I imagine that if I was familiar with the coding, it should take me just a few minutes.

I would have taken the second option if someone could help review what I have done.

I would have saved a few hours and become better if I need to migrate another website in future.

This led me to think of the value I am offering in my face-to-face courses. Unlike some trainings or youtube where you simply follow the steps shown, I am there to help my participants when something eventful happens. If some steps are taken wrongly, I know where exactly it has gone wrong and my participants do not have to start all over again.

And at the end of the course, my participants would have gained the right experience to compete the report with confidence on their own. And if they still struggle with their reports after the course, they can always approach me. They know that I do not disappear after the course.

These are the values I offer.

So if you are keen to learn data analytics in Excel, come to my courses. You wouldn’t be left alone. I am just one email (or whatsapp) away.