inventory management course

Hassle-Free Excel Inventory Management for Projects and Small Businesses

Module 1: Introduction to Excel for Inventory Management

  • Lesson 1: Understanding Excel Basics
    • Excel interface overview
    • Basic spreadsheet navigation and data entry
  • Lesson 2: Essential Excel Functions for Inventory
    • Introduction to formulas (SUM, VLOOKUP, IF)
    • Data validation and conditional formatting
  • Lesson 3: Creating a Simple Inventory Sheet
    • Setting up a basic inventory tracking sheet
    • Recording product details, quantity, and dates

Module 2: Streamlining Data Entry and Maintenance

  • Lesson 4: Advanced Data Entry Techniques
    • User-friendly input forms
    • Creating drop-down lists for consistency
  • Lesson 5: Power Query Fundamentals
    • Importing data from multiple sources
    • Cleaning and transforming data with Power Query
  • Lesson 6: Implementing Data Validation and Alerts
    • Preventing data entry errors with data validation
    • Setting up alerts for low stock and overselling prevention

Module 3: Enhancing Inventory Analysis with Pivot Tables

  • Lesson 7: Pivot Table Basics
    • Introduction to Pivot Tables for inventory analysis
    • Creating a Pivot Table from inventory data
  • Lesson 8: Advanced Pivot Table Techniques
    • Utilizing PivotTable features for in-depth analysis
    • Creating meaningful visualizations with Pivot Charts

Module 4: Integrating Power Pivot for Advanced Functionality

  • Lesson 9: Introduction to Power Pivot
    • Overview of Power Pivot features
    • Benefits of using Power Pivot for inventory management
  • Lesson 10: Integrating MOQ and Restock Calculations
    • Establishing relationships between tables
    • Calculating restock levels and MOQ using Power Pivot
  • Lesson 11: Predictive Analytics with Power Pivot
    • Predicting restock dates based on historical data
    • Streamlining inventory planning with Power Pivot

Module 5: Consolidating Orders and Optimizing Shipping Costs

  • Lesson 12: Creating a Consolidation Strategy
    • Identifying products nearing restock levels
    • Grouping products for optimized shipping
  • Lesson 13: Practical Application and Case Studies
    • Applying course concepts to real-life scenarios
    • Case studies of successful small sellers using Excel for inventory management

Module 6: Final Project and Q&A

  • Final Project: Applying Excel Inventory Management to Your Business
    • Applying learned concepts to create a personalized inventory management system
    • Q&A session for clarification and addressing specific challenges

Program Dates

Face-to-Face Workshops

  • 25 & 26 Apr 2024 (Thu – Fri)


2 days program (7 hours each day) – 9am to 5pm


S$800 per pax 

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