Gone are the days when worksheet functions reign. 

As we move deeper into the digital economy and WFH (Work From Home) model, jobs are going global.

We are no longer protected by the physical location we are in. In the same way, there are more jobs for us to choose from too. 

In order to stay competitive and employable, we can no longer stick to worksheet functions. Picking up Data Analytics is the way to go. It is not about python, programming or coding most courses are promoting. It is about upgrading the way you process the business data that you have access to.

By learning how to process your business data efficiently, analyze it effectively, and presenting your findings to your bosses clearly, you can value-add to the company and become an asset to the company.

Learning data analytics through Excel is a much easier way to establish your foundation in data analytics than learning python or other programming languages. And with the skills you acquire, you will be able to progressively move on to higher level analytics in the future. 

If you want to be part of the global work force, you have to get your training now.