Getting help immediately

Getting help immediately

Getting help immediately

I was moving “house” (website) last week and it took me one whole week to complete the move. Moving website is called website migration. The job was supposed to complete in a few hours time based on past experience. But in this migration, it took me more than a week. It is not the effort actually, but the time to wait for the hosting company to respond. Hosting company is the one who put up my website on the server.

The problem with the delay was the mode of communication. For every email that I sent, they took a few hours to reply. At one point, they actually took more than one day. Unlike chat or phone call which you have their attention there and then, email sent was dependent on when they see it and when they took action. While waiting, I googled for solutions as well but it took me a long time to scan through pages and pages of solutions to find the right one. It was time consuming because although the internet is readily available 24/7, finding the right answer/solution takes time. And I must have some foundation to know what I am searching.

It is the same with data analytics. If you do not have the foundation, you won’t know what you are searching for. And if you have the basic foundation, you still need time and effort to find the solution you need. Google is efficient but find the right keyword to search is all on you. 

Our data analytics courses are designed to train you on data analysis. Each course is designed based on your competence level so that you won’t get lost while learning. A face to face training gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get answers straight away most of the time. If you encounter problem while you are working on the solution, which happens quite often, the trainer is there to help you get over that obstacle so that your training is not disrupted. When you are attending the classroom training, you are not distracted by others who hope you can attend to their needs immediately. 

If you are serious about getting trained in data analytics, drop us a message below.

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