RIght Click and refresh

Data Analytics is easier than you think

Data Analytics is easier than you think

RIght Click and refreshIf you have been preparing monthly, weekly or even daily reports using Excel.

Each time there is an update on the numbers, you have to spend time downloading the numbers into your computer. Using some complicated worksheet functions, you have to

  1. Extract details from different columns,
  2. Create new calculations,
  3.  Delete irrelevant rows,
  4. Delete useless columns,
  5. Update the links to other worksheets,
  6. Prepare your Pivot Table report,
  7. Prepare charts, and others

You may want to know that whatever you do, data analytics can follow your steps without you doing any coding or programming. It will be able to repeat exactly what you do and get the reports updated. 

All you have to do is to download the files into the folder and click the refresh button.

All the Pivot Tables and Charts are instantly updated with the latest numbers. 

In fact, it can collect the latest number without deleting the records from the previous period so that you can use it for further reporting.

If you are not experiencing what I have just described, you are probably doing it the wrong way.

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