DARE to grow any business

DARE to grow ANY business

DARE to grow ANY business is a fundamental principle developed by everydayExcel Business Lab. The objective is to help you setup a robust system that minimize the time you spend to collate Data, Analyze your data, Report your findings and Execute your plan. With a robust system, you can maximize the time in using your expertise to come up with a good quality plan to grow the business in areas such as sales, marketing, finance, supply chain management, payroll, customer management, etc.

To apply these principles, it is not necessary to use special tools. You only need a working copy of Excel and you will be on your way to grow your business with a Scalable Data Source, Analyzable data, easy to read Report and clear Execution plan

A scalable data source is defined as one which increases in rows as more data is added over time. Most people create their data sources which are not scalable because the data source is designed to add new data into columns. By knowing how to create a scalable data source, you will be able to continuously add new data to the source effortlessly and without confusion.

Analyzing your scalable data is the process of finding areas for improvement and identifying emerging patterns so that you are ready to respond to opportunities and threats revealed in your data. By using Excel Pivot Table as a basic tool, you will be able to identify patterns from the data that you have collated manually or downloaded from the system.

Reporting is not about copy and pasting the entire pivot table into a powerpoint slide. It is about presenting your findings in an easy to understand manner so that the team can make use of the findings to develope plans that allow the business to respond positively to the changes in business environment.

A well developed plan must be easy to execute to bring about the necessary improvements to the business. And the cycle starts all over again as new data are added to the scalable data source.