Are you chasing or being chased?

Learning Excel does not have to be random.

You should aim to learn it with a goal in mind.

For example, if you are using Excel to prepare your report, learn how to prepare your data, summarize it in an efficient way so that you don’t have to spend time in the preparation. For me, when I prepare my report, I will think of how I could let Excel do the job for me instead of me doing it manually.

So I learned about worksheet functions which can help me extract data out of existing columns instead of doing manual copying and pasting.

This approach has also led me explore new ways of doing things. And it has led to Data Analytics.

You might think Data Analytics is unreachable to you. But when you learn Data Analytics in the Excel way, you will realize that it is closer than what you think.

Figuring out Data Analytics in Excel was pretty random for me as I discover bits and pieces over time. As I consolidated my learning, I came out with the PAC framework.

It is the framework which allow me to learn systematically and apply what I have learnt into projects that I was engaged to work on. It is also the framework which I use to design new courses.

PAC is derived from PAC man, a game that I used to play. It was a popular game when game machine was invented.

PAC refers to Data Preparation, Data Analysis and Data Communication.

You need to prepare your data from whatever sources you are given. And after preparing the data, you need to analyze it before you can prepare the report or present your finding. And of course, the last stage is to communicate your findings through either a presentation, a report or data visualization.

By using the PAC framework, you will be able to gain better understanding of every function you come across in Excel, Data Analytics and Data Visualization.

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