allocate delivery cost

How to use Power Query to Allocate Delivery Costs to business units

No complicated formula involves. All you need to know is the process and a good foundation in Power Query.

The Problem

Boon Teck downloaded the delivery cost file once a week at the beginning of the month and every day on the last week of the month.

He has to identify the delivery cost, the delivery orders related to the delivery, and allocate the cost to the respective business units. He made use of COUNTIFS, AND, IF, NESTED IF, relative references to complete the job.

When he takes leave, nobody knows how to do the calculations and the report is delayed.

The Solution

Through the use of Power Query, you can consolidate the delivery trips, calculate the delivery cost, and allocate the delivery cost to the different business units. To complete the calculation flawlessly, you need to know how to group rows together, combine columns into one, set up IF, remove columns, merge queries.