All it took was one tile

All it took was one tile

One of the tiles in my bedroom popped up a little. If you just simply glance across the floor, you could hardly see it. When you walked past the slightly popped tile, you can feel that it was a little rough. It looked like a wear and tear problem.

We had a close and active chat group where we could ask questions. We wanted to check with other neighbors if they had the same problems. As we chatted, it turned out that the tile was not supposed to pop. The supplier had given us 10 years warranty for the tiles. The popped tile shouldn’t happen.

We were hesitant to check with the management office about the tile. After all, it was just a tile. We could live with it. But after procrastinating for a few days and prompted by neighbors, we decided to send an email to the management office.

They replied that they would send their contractor to take a look at the tile. We were quite hesitant to let them do it. After all, it was just a tile. But since we started the ball rolling, we thought, just let them come. At most, they would say there was nothing wrong.

On the day of the appointment, 3 men came. Wow! That’s a big deal, I led them to the bedroom to look at the tile. In less than 1 minute, they had concluded that the slightly popped tile was caused by a water seepage problem from my bedroom window. And they would arrange for another contractor to solve the water seepage problem before they would replace the tile.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

To the untrained eye, it was just a slightly popped tile. To the professionals, it was a water seepage problem from the window. It led me to think about you when you handle your downloaded data.

To the untrained eye, the downloaded report contains only numbers and text. But to the professional, the file of numbers and text meant a lot more. If you are not into data analytics, you probably think that you have an Excel problem. But once you are trained in data analytics, you would look at the numbers and text differently. 

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