long runway for Excel

A shorter runway than VLOOKUP and Pivot Table

A shorter runway than VLOOKUP and Pivot Table

You need a long runway to prepare your daily, weekly and/or monthly report if you are currently using VLOOKUP and Pivot Table.

But with the latest functions added into Excel, the runway is shortened considerably.

Imagine you have an assistant who is writing down notes on every step you have taken to prepare your report. You can go back and forth changing the steps along the way. Your assistant just faithfully record down any changes you make until you get the report up and running.

And without a single word of instruction, you can pass the entire report to him and he can reproduce it exactly the way you have done it. There is no single mistake in the report. And he will just pass the report back to you so that you can present the report to your boss and score points.

There is no macros / vba programming involved in the entire process.

This assistant has been living inside Excel, waiting for you to activate him. 

Are you ready to activate him to help you with your report and data analysis?