what the average score

90% of them use it unconsciously

90% of You Use It Unconsciously

As parents, we are always concern about our kids’ progress in school. We want to make sure that they are not left behind in school

what the average score

When it is time for them to take a test, no matter how short that test is, we will want to make sure that they know all the answers. There are also some of us who will let them take their tests as is. And when they come back with their results, that’s when we start to panic.

Parent: What did you get for your paper?

Child: I got 40 marks. 

Parent: How did your classmates do?

Child: Many of them also fail.

Parent: Is the paper so difficult?

Child: Yes.

Parent: What’s the average score? …..

We want to know the class average score so that we know whether they can get more correct answers than their classmates. 

If they come in second, not first, we want to know what is the highest score. 

If they get a very low score, we want to know whether they are the last one in class.

These are called statistics which many of you I spoke to fear. You always say that you don’t know statistics but you have been using them, Average, Highest Score, Lowest Score are also known as Mean, Max, Min respectively.

Most of you freaked out when you heard the word statistics. That’s because of the trauma we were put through by our lecturers/professors who bombarded us with terms that we don’t see in our daily lives.

The mean, max and min are all done for us. But in the working world, we have to get our hands dirty and do the calculation ourselves. All we get is the raw data downloaded from the system. Whether you do it the long way or the short way depends on what you know. 

If you are doing it the long way and want to know the shorter way, drop us a message below. We will make you become the expert and let you impress your colleagues and bosses with your business reports.

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