What is the difference between Analysis and Reporting?

What’s the difference between Analysis and Reporting?

Pivot Table can be used for reporting as well as for reporting. When I create a Pivot Table, am I preparing a report or am I analyzing the data? This question has been in my mind for the longest time. Could I draw a line between the 2? The answer is yes! When I use Pivot Table, I am basically presenting all the summarize details of the data that I have. The purpose of doing it is to identify patterns and finding results that have an impact on the business. It is to identify 20% of the factors that have 80% of the impact on the business. When I identify them, it is not for me to just show all to my audience. I would pick up the relevant details and showed my audience the numbers that have wowed me and hopefully my audience. For example, I might have identified the top 5 selling products. But that says nothing until I tell my audience that these top 5 selling products contributed 70, 80 or 90% of the sales. That is reporting. We keep all the other details from the audience and simply highlight the key factors and results you want your audience to remember. Hope that clarifies the difference between Analysis and Reporting.

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