what is a data conqueror?

What is a data conqueror?

A Data Conqueror is one who can analyze any data given to him with minimal effort. He canclean any data,transform it to Pivot Table friendly format, andcombine multiple data sets together.A data conqueror makes use of our PACE framework to acquire data, model it, generate insights and help in making business decisions.Our course makes use of Excel as a base to learn data analytics. As you acquire data analytics skills in our course, you can apply your data analytics skills using other data analytics tools such as Power BI, Tableau, Watson Studios, etc.Here are some feedbacks from the graduates:”Save tremendous amount of time and effort for routine monthly sales reports.” – Nehemiah Lai”Learnt techniques and models to organise data, analyse and present. Will be able to perform better analysis much faster.” – Pauline Tan”Previously, I have to manually copy and paste columns or rows from different files and do merging. Now, i can rely on power query to do it for me. And repeats as when I need again.” – Stephen Liu#business#sales#marketing#operations#data

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