Tracking who receives the free meal?

Jordan worked for a NGO (Non-Profit Organization) and they distribute free meals to the elderly who lived alone in their apartments. Each day, the volunteers will knock on the doors of the elderly and pass them the meals. But they are not always successful in delivering the meals to these elderly because they may not be around to receive it. The NGO needed to account for the number of meals delivered and who they delivered to. So they came out with a spreadsheet to capture the details. The spreadsheet looks like this.

I couldn’t offer him a simple solution because the layout was not pivot table friendly. 


Changing the layout to pivot table friendly format were not practical for the volunteers. They would have to spend more time entering the details instead of a simple number 1 on the worksheet. And to change the template to pivot table friendly layout requires some complex formulas, not something everyone could cope.

But I am glad that the problem could be resolved now with Excel. All you need to do is a few simple clicks and viola! The transformation is completed in split seconds. And with pivot table, he can now pick up a few more reports from the same data:

– Who received the most free meals in a month?

– Which day of the week has the most deliveries?

– Which block has more beneficiaries than the others?

If you wish to know how to do the transformation, watch the video below:

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