March 18

The first simple step to master data visualization


Data visualization is the in thing now when it comes to presentation. The pictures and graphics tells a story and it is interesting to look at. Management love the graphics and the fact that they can drill down for further information. 

Most people would jump right into a data visualization course hoping to produce the same type of visualization that is shown to them. I believe majority of them experienced a steep learning curve when they attended a 3-days course on data visualization. And it is not surprising to see most of them are unable to create a data visualization when they are back in the office. That is because the data that is used in the course is perfect. When they are back in the office, their data is not perfect. 

If you are currently experiencing that, I would advise you to review the layout of your data, the first simple step to master data visualization. If you are not laying out your data in the correct manner to begin with, you can forget about the final step in data visualization that is supposed to attract bells and whistles. 



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