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Excel's SUMPRODUCT Formula is BIG Deal!

When I first learned about the SUMPRODUCT formula in Excel, I almost dismissed it as a useless formula used by only few users. How often would anyone need to multiply 2 or more groups of numbers together and add up the results!?

To get to the story, we know that SUMPRODUCT formula is keyed in as:


This is the same as taking B3 and multiply it by C3, followed by next set and so on. Then, add up the total derived. The answer is 41. The working is as follows:

Then I found out something really exciting ... more about sumproduct!

Lunch Time Talk - Budgeting Against Disaster

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What's New in Excel 2007

In the older versions of Excel, we have to calculate the average of a range of numbers based on the condition using a combination of SUMIF divided by COUNTIF. In Excel 2007, you can calculate the average with a new single AVERAGEIF formula. The inputs are the same as ...continue from our section on Learning Microsoft Excel 2007

On the Lighter Side

Don't be fooled by deceptive labelling such as "less", "natural", "reduced", "free", "light", and "diet"!

Because food manufacturers and suppliers are becoming more creative in presenting information on the food label to the consumers, we really need to become smarter when shopping. Begin to be an avid food label reader with 8 simple pointers to see through the marketing hypes on food packaging. All "Did You Know Reading Food Label Can Be So Tricky?"

Many of you could not find the link to the following health alert in our last mail. Here it is:

"Are you sure you want to pop another sugar-free sweet into your mouth? Read "Aspartame - A Silent, Sweet Killer?" to be in the know about the huge sugar-free sweets debate."

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