Skills Future Credit

Skills Future is a national initiative to encourage all Singaporeans aged 25 and above to go for training to either to enhance their existing skills or acquire a new skill.

Each eligible Singaporean is credited with $500 which can be used in any of the courses found in the Skills Future portal and on Udemy's  website, an online course portal. According to WDA, you have to sign up as an individual to use the Skills Future Credit. It cannot be used to pay for company sponsored courses.

Before you sign up for the courses, please make sure you have received a letter informing you about Your Skills Future Credit and follow the instruction given in the letter. You should receive the letter by end January 2016. If not, give WDA a call at 6883 5885. With the credit in your account, you can then sign up for our courses and make a claim through the Skills Future Portal.

Unlike the gamut of basic, intermediate and advanced Excel courses which are product training courses in disguise, our training helps managers and executives overcome practical problems in Data Analysis with Excel. Managers and executives can expect up to 90% increase in productivity after attending the courses. Our solution-based excel courses work through real-life business situations and problems that business users encounter daily in their jobs.

“⇒Understanding formulas in current spreadsheet help to troubleshoot if anything happens to existing spreadsheet
⇒Manually checking of errors/duplicates can be skipped
⇒Knowing countifs and sumifs can help me tally data faster
⇒Knowing conditional formatting for better presentation of data - seen colleague done this before ” Chua Mei Yee
Defence Science Technology Agency


Hidden Secrets in Data Analysis with Excel 2007 and 2010WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Those who are involved in the analysis of data.

Hidden Secrets In Data Analysis With Excel is a solution-based Microsoft® Excel course tailored for those who are seeking practical solutions to their Excel problems in raw data management, business analysis and reporting. It is conducted based on realistic case studies with the aim of maximizing your benefits (e.g. productivity, report accuracy) in the use of Excel and equip you with foundational skills and competence to explore Excel on your own.

Skills Future Course ID: CRS-N-0021160

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Business Analytics Reporting with PowerPoint 2010WHO SHOULD ATTEND:This applied PowerPoint course is tailored for those who are looking for ways to shorten their presentation preparation and create brilliant presentation.

This applied PowerPoint course is desinged to turn a slide-by-slide boring Dashboard presentation to a brilliant presentation, applying the multiple PowerPoint shortcuts and functions, such as animation, transitions, hyperlink, etc.

Skills Future Course ID: CRS-N-0031435

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The Hidden Key to Excel Reporting and ChartingWHO SHOULD ATTEND: Managers and executives who are required to prepare reports for management.

TThe Hidden Key to Excel Reporting and Charting is customised for those who are tasked to prepare management reports such as Key Performance Indicator (KPI in short) reports, Business Performance Report, Daily Snapshots, etc. The objective of the course is to train participants on how to create interactive and maintenace-free report for management using advanced Excel formulas and functions (Excel Macro not included) and channel the time saved to investigate the exceptional trends found in the report.

Skills Future Course ID: CRS-N-0026183

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Unleash the Power of Powerpivot 2010 for Data InsightsWHO SHOULD ATTEND: Those who prepare reports using huge set of data.

IIn this Excel course, you will be using Power Pivot and Pivot Table as the primary functions to create a dashboard. Power Pivot is a new function in Excel 2010 that works hand in hand with the all too familiar Pivot Table. Power Pivot can analyse multi-million rows of data seamlessly, combine multiple sources of data into one. It also comes with the new Slicer features as well as DAX formulas that make insightful, professional looking Dashboard Reports creation a breeze.

Skills Future Course ID: CRS-N-0030895

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Breakthrough Performance for HR in Excel 2007 and 2010WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This course is specially tailored for Human Resource Managers and Executives who are involved in HR Operations.

TThis solution-based Microsoft® Excel course is tailored for human resources personnel who are seeking increase in productivity and improving their HR operation processes such as the tracking of work permits and passports renewal for foreign workers, tracking of training budgets, analysis of staff cost, short listing of job applicants, etc.

Skills Future Course ID: CRS-N-0027576

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Learning the Magic of Macros with Excel 2007 and 2010WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This course is specially tailored for Excel users have an extensive knowledge of Excel and need to automate manual tasks..

Learning the Magic of Macros makes use of real case examples Unlike most Excel macros courses which are designed for programmers, this course is specially designed for advanced Excel users who do not have any background in programming. Two groups of Excel users are likely to benefit from this course:/p>

- Those who are keen to explore macros to automate and speed up tedious and repetitive Excel tasks, 
-- Those who like to modify existing macros built by someone else and customize them for their own use.

Using case examples to constantly engage the participants on the technical topic of programming, this course aims to help users create macros that are able to significantly reduce the amount of time spent on a time-consuming Excel jobs and make complicated Excel jobs simple enough for those without advanced Excel skills to handle.

Skills Future Course ID: CRS-N-0021183

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