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Applying Selective Protection To Your Worksheet

Consider this scenario. You are working on the sales forecast for next year and would like to ask your sales team to estimate the amount of sales they are likely to achieve for next year. You have created a template that listed down all the information required for the forecast. Any change in the template by your sales people will hinder your effort in consolidation. However, when you activate the worksheet protection by going to menu -> Tools -> Protection -> Protect Sheet, the entire worksheet is protected. As a result, your sales people are not able to enter their sales forecast into the protected worksheet. You wonder how you could protect the worksheet such that your sales team can enter their sales forecasts into the selected cells without being able to modify the template...

Here's how: To protect the worksheet with only some ranges editable by your sales team, you need to unlock those cells first before you protect the worksheet. To find out how to do it, click on this protect worksheet page.

Protecting the worksheet is a good way to protect the layout of your template. But if your purpose of protecting the worksheet is to prevent your users from accessing the confidential information in hidden columns or rows, I would advise you to think twice. The protection on the worksheet is easily removed in three simple steps. In other words, all the confidential information within hidden rows and columns can easily become accessible to your users. We have actually demonstrated how this was done for our participants in one of our recent courses.

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