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Running a cost effective Facebook Ad with data analyticsP is as important as A.A lot of online and offline courses out there will tell you that they have a secret in running Facebook ads that are highly effective and if you follow them, you will be able to make a 7-figure sum. As they shared many success stories, you would be tempted to take a look at what they have to offer.After finding out more from these courses, you will soon realize that their blueprints for running ads were almost the same. After learning their so call “secret” blueprint, I started running my own Facebook ads.But the results were far from what they have promised. I saw my ads reports. It would tell me which age group had seen my ads and how many have clicked. In another report, it would show me where the ads are shown (known as placement) and how effective it is.As a data analytics guy, I wanted to combine both reports together so that I can refine my ads and show my ads to the right target group and placement (facebook or Instagram). It will take the guesswork out of the equation. So I went to customize my report.That’s when I realized that it cannot be done. Facebook does not allow you to combine the 2 factors (audience age/gender) with placement together. It is either-or, for good reasons.It will take the guess work of running ads out of the equation. You will not be spending a lot more money to run ads if you know how to effectively target the right group of people right from the start.Not to be outdone, I studied how the reports were created and developed my own way of combining the 2 factors (age/gender with placement) together. That’s when data analytics skills come in. P refers to data Preparation. A refers to Analysis. You need to prepare the data before you can analyze it effectively.As my valued followers, I would like to share this secret with you.If you are running Facebook ads, I am sure this secret will save you tons of money. I could have created a course and sell you this secret but decided to give it out without charge. I might change my mind later. But for now, you can download at zero dollars.If you are into data analytics, this experience of mine proves one point: Data preparation is very important when it comes to data analysis. Without the right data, in this case (restriction by the system), you will never be able to analyze it right.So if you belong to either of these 2 groups, I would recommend you download this eBook now and learn how I prepare my Facebook ads so that I could analyze them and save!Hurry! Before I change my mind.Download the eBook nowThank you for following my newsletter.Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day and for those who celebrate Chinese New Year, a Prosperous Niu Year.I am working on the roadmap to show you how you can learn data analytics step by step. Watch out for my next email.Talk to you soon.Jason KhooData Conqueror saves!
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