Learning the Magic of Macros

Learning the Magic of Macros

Who Should Attend

Managers and Executives who have a good working knowledge about Excel and have a need to automate repetitive tasks in Excel.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Edit existing macros
  • Create macros on the fly
  • Share your macros with other colleagues

Course Outline

  • Record and run macros
  • Where you can store the macros
  • Reading from and writing to cells
  • Find values in worksheets
  • Adding and counting values using macros
  • Referring to different worksheets
  • Referring to different workbooks
  • The power of Looping in macros

Exercise to create macros for

  • Comparing 2 worksheets results
  • Consolidating data from multiple workbooks
  • Splitting data into multiple workbooks

Program Dates

  • 19-20 Mar 2020
  • 14-15 May 2020
  • 06-07 Aug 2020
  • 15-16 Oct 2020

Price and Duration

S$700 per pax for this 2 days course

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