Learning Excel is a dead end

Learning Excel is a dead end

He took aim at the body. It was easier to hit the body than the head. As he readied himself, he held his breath for a second and pulled the trigger. It was a perfect shot. 4 more rounds to go and each one of them was hit around the same area.

“I am going to get my marksmanship this time round” He told himself. After all the practice that he had done, he believed his effort had paid off.

When the result was announced, he was shocked. He failed his shooting test. He couldn’t believe it because he saw his last 5 shots landed right in the middle of the target.

He stood up, wanting to tell his commander that they had made a mistake. And that’s when he heard. “Congratulations! Corporal David, you got your marksmanship. Your score is 21 out of 20.”

That when he realized that he had hit the wrong target. The shots had landed on Corporal David’s target.

If your aim is to learn Excel and sign up for a basic, intermediate, or advanced Excel course, you might be hitting the wrong target. These courses cover everything about Excel and 90% of what you learned can’t help you. Learning Excel is a dead end.

Instead, you should be aiming to learn Excel for data analysis. This option offers unlimited potential. Other than learning more about Excel, you are also learning how to analyze data, one of the up and coming skills in the next 10 years. 90% of what you learned can be applied to your work immediately.

If you are looking for an Excel course to upgrade yourself, look for one that offers unlimited potential. Download this eBook and check which course is suitable for you.

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