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Converting PDF to Excel Format

The conversion of PDF documents to Excel is a solution Excel users frequently look for. These PDF documents usually contain columns and rows of information such as price list, invoice details that Excel users like to store in a spreadsheet. The problem with converting PDF documents to Excel is the change of layout during the copying of data from PDF and pasting it in Excel. The data which is in multiple columns is re-arranged into one single column. In the market, there are many third party tools which claim to be able to do the conversion for you. But a lot of them are not able to do a good job despite paying for them.

I was in the same situation recently when I tried to transfer the invoicing details in a PDF file to Excel. But this time, I decided to try something different. Instead of copying and pasting, I saved the PDF document as a text file and then open the text file in Excel. Voilŕ! The table which is my major concern turned out to be in the same layout as shown in the PDF document and all I have to do is a simple Text-to-Column to split them up into the respective columns. I found out that not all the PDF readers work the same way. I definitely cannot apply use the same method on Acrobat Readers. The PDF reader that works with my method is PDF Creator. So if you need to convert PDF to Excel, remember to install PDF Creator. To get the step by step guide on how to do the conversion with PDF Creator, watch this YouTube video.

Convert PDF Document to Excel

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